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Dec 19th, 10:46:57(JST)

Children's Day 2,000 Points Campaign!!

Sat, Apr 30th 2016, 15:40:41


As you may or may not know, it's GW in Japan! "GW" stands for, "Golden Week." This refers to a string of holidays that are celebrated nationally in Japan. The last day of GW is known as こどもの日 (kodomo no hi), or "Children's Day." It's celebrated on May 5th every year to wish for the happiness of children and to celebrate each child's individuality, as well as to share gratitude towards parents. It was originally a boys' holiday (in contrast to the girls' holiday which is celebrated on March 3rd) but was officially made a national holiday for all children in 1948. The Japanese often display 飾りかぶと (kazarikabuto), which are ornamental helmets, in their households to represent strength for their children's growth. They also hang 鯉のぼり (koinobori) outside, which are carp-shaped streamers. It is said that carps that push their way upwards through harsh streams transform into dragons. With the wish for their children to grow courageous and wise, koinobori are hung outside. Traditional sweets are also eaten on this day--柏餅 (kashiwamochi), rice cake that's wrapped in oak leaves, and ちまき (chimaki), rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. Children's Day has always been an important holiday in Japan. GW is a period of time in Japan to relax and hang out with family and friends. To share the happiness brought forth through GW, we at J-Subculture would like to hold a 2,000 points campaign for our loyal customers! Don't miss your chance to get 2,000 points!


  • You must contact us at J-Subculture through this link: 

  • The message's subject must be written as, "Children's Day Campaign."

  • The message's contents must include the order number of the product you've purchased through J-Subculture shopping.

  •  Submissions will be accepted until May 4th.

  • Three winners will be awarded with 2,000 points on May 5th.

*For this campaign, order numbers for purchases made through auction or purchasing agency are invalid.

Care to partake in this campaign? Don't pass up the opportunity to get 2,000 points! 

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