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November 2016 POINT CAMPAIGN Schedule

Wed, Nov 23rd 2016, 19:03:40

Also in November we give our best to offer you an attractive service and to tempt you for our monthly POINT BACK CAMPAIGNS. We are happy to announce that also this month we are able to fix SPECIAL CAMPAIGNS, through which you will be able to gain back even more points for your transactions. While in October we had 2 special events, this month we have no less than 4 special campaigns running for you! So make sure to make ample use of those awesome opportunities. The detailed November schedule (the times are based on Japanese Standard Time UTC +9) here, watch out of those highlighted campaigns** with increased rates:

※ 1% point back on INTL. SHIPPING FARES on: November 1st, 8th, 15th**, 22nd and 29th**

※ 2% point back on SHOPPING AGENCY (PROXY) transactions: November 6th11th**, 20th and 27th (CLICK HERE to access services )

※ 0.5% point back on AUCTION PRICES is available on: November 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th** (CLICK HERE to access service)

※ Orders at J-SUB shop are exempt from the point back campaigns.

※ Wholesale orders are exempt from the point back campaigns.

The SPECIAL CAMPAIGNS will run on the below dates and the point back rates see the following increases on those days:

November 15th + 29th:

※ from 1% → 5point back on INTL. SHIPPING FARES transactions with the CLICK FRENZY CAMPAIGN (Nov. 15th 19:00 - Nov. 16th 18:59)

※ from 1% → 5point back on INTL. SHIPPING FARES transactions with the NO MATTER IF YOU ARE LATE FOR CYBER MONDAY CAMPAIGN (Nov. 28th 14:00 - Nov. 29th 13:59)

November 11th:

※ from 2% → 8% point back on SHOPPING AGENCY (PROXY) transactions (CLICK HERE to access services with the 11/11 SINGLES' DAY CAMPAIGN

November 24th:

※ from 0.5% → 3% point back on AUCTION PRICES transactions (CLICK HERE to access servicewith the BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY CAMPAIGN


To guarantee a smooth participation, please carefully read the following information:

1.) Please post about your campaign eligible transactions during times we handle BBS and chat messages: 

   - For BBS messages we are able to reply from 10:00 - 19:00

   - For Chat messages we can answer from 9:00 - 17:30 

2.) On the 15th and the 29th the campaign times change and are not as usual, kindly bear this in mind to not run late. Further please understand and calculate all campaign times with Japanese Standard Time (UTC +9) to your region. 

3.) In regard to payment days for the Intl. Shipping Fare Campaigns, please get your Shipping Requests ready early enough, so we can guarantee timely processing of requests and prepare them the way that you can smoothly proceed with payments during the ongoing campaign. Requests will be treated in the order we receive them, therefore customers contacting us in advance for their Shipping Requests, will be prioritized in the handling queue. It's important that you calculate enough space for your Shipping Requests, because for those transactions the Shipping Request is made short notice, the handling on our end might not be possible in time. In such a case, you will lose out on the benefits and no longer be entitled for the points. We hope for your understanding of these given conditions.

4.) For the Singles' Day Campaign, the part of the 8% of the usual commission (350 JPY + 8%) will be returned back in the form of points, therefore enjoy the shopping with our Proxy Agency services to the fullest!

We don't promise too much, do we with all those goodies? We are looking forward to your incoming orders and remain for any questions on standby. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything! Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Your J-Subculture Team 

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