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Mar 19th, 10:47:14(JST)

NORITAKE, Gorgeous Japanese Tableware

Sun, May 21st 2017, 11:44:15

NORITAKE, beautifully refined, and simply casual tableware straight from Japan. 

The kind of tableware you can rely on to fully express your individuality. The kind you use reflects the day’s occasion as well, such as an elegant gathering or a child's birthday party. NORITAKE has an endless line of tableware suited for anyone's personal taste. By searching through its rich history, you will come across jewels fit for your dining table. There are tableware available such as tea sets that boast of floral designs, cutlery that gleam and shine, and exclusive collaborations made with your favorite characters for one's amusement and pleasure.

You can find superb works of fine porcelain here at J-Subculture's Auction site. Most of the tableware on high demand are designed with dainty flowers and traditional botanical patterns. With 2017 being the year of fabulous botanical design, now is the perfect time to stock your home with NORITAKE tableware.

Of course, besides these brilliant items, you can also check out these NORITAKE works made through collaborations with Studio Ghibli! You can now truly enjoy a Japanese twist on Western styled porcelain! Pictured below are Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service tea sets:

And you'll be amazed to find not only Studio Ghibli, but also other characters as well, such as KUBBE from Norway and Sailor Moon! The KUBBE mug has a more modern design that blends well into any city style housing, and the Sailor Moon tea cup is beyond adorable!

NORITAKE tableware are simply beautiful. They are perfect for both using and displaying in your home. With their timeless designs, they'll bring a smile to any porcelain collector's face. You can find genuine Japanese tableware up for auction at J-Subculture. If they interest you, please take the time to scroll below for our auction site. Happy bidding, and take it easy, perhaps with a cup of tea?

NORITAKE Tableware On Auction

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